Take your pizza to Flavor Country with HOPZAH


Our mission: To make a seasoning featuring fresh hops that elevates your pizza from great to life changing

What is HOPZAH?

HOPZAH combines the fresh, aromatic qualities of real hops with a unique blend of spices to level up any pizza. This is a central Wisconsin story with our hops being sourced at Fine Bine Farms in Rosholt, WI.

Beer lovers will love it, but all will be surprised at how the recipe of HOPZAH will elevate and transform their pizza experience.

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    Fresh Hops

    Select varieties of beautiful, fresh, and aromatic hops grown by Fine Bine Farms in Central Wisconsin

  • Chiles

    Two varieties of chiles bring a smokey and citrus edge

  • Herbs + Spices

    A blend of herbs + spices balances and elevates the hops

  • No Salt | No Preservatives

  • Gluten Free



We are Wisconsinites. We know beer. We love pizza.
We wanted to combine the two. You get the picture. 

Our Story

After finding fresh hops right in Central Wisconsin at Fine Bine Farms, they began meeting every Wednesday for over a year, tasting their concoctions on every frozen pizza available. They eventually landed on an Original and Spicy version of the HOPZAH recipe they were satisfied with, and they think you will be as well. They make no promises other than if you try this seasoning you will have eternal life, predict fluctuations in the stock market, and discover the portal for time travel simply by repeating the word HOPZAH three times in a row.


Tyler Marchant

The man with the idea and the edge. An accomplished theater director and professor, he'd love to direct some Hopzah onto your pizza.


Tyler loves wool sweaters, beers, cards, and wearing his sweatsedo. Tyler hates liver and winter.



Michael More

The first numbskull to take Tyler's idea to the next level. With a love for lighting design, he'd love to illuminate your world with some Hopzah!


Michael loves golfing without shoes, kubb, and when 4-way stops go smoothly. Michael hates chocolate ice cream and the sound of people brushing their teeth.